Different From Alcohol-based Antibacterials

It is important for a hand sanitizer to be alcohol-free.
Because Alcohol;

- Dries Your Skin.
- Strips away skin’s natural oils & fatty acids.
- Causes small cuts on the skin by making it dry and these openings create a convenient environment for germs.
- Burns and irritates the skin.
- Is inflammable.
- Has an annoying, strong fragrance.

Different From Soap

- Soap operates mechanically, it only carries away germs, can't kill them.
- Soap only cleans visible dirt, doesn't provide hygiene.
- Soap should be used with water and towel. You can't use soap if there is no water.
- Soap wipes out the fatty acids on the skin, thus dries and irritates the skin.
- When used frequently and continuously, soap may lead to allergic reactions and cause permanent skin discomforts.

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